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Discover Weimar - the cultural capitol

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Dive into the beauty of the city

The city of Weimar connects art and culture in an extraordinary way and offers countless possibilities to discover the city and its unique culture. Walk in the footsteps of the famous composer Richard Wagner, the well-known writer John Wolfgang von Goethe or discover the enchanting Old City Center that was shaped by the Bauhaus style of Henry van de Velde. Therefore it is said Weimar has personality due to its numerous famous inhabitants and a large amount of UNESCO world heritage sights that create an extraordinary flair you have to experience yourself.

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Visit Weimar - Location and Arrival Hotel Elephant, Weimar

Location and Directions

Learn more about how you can reach the Hotel Elephant, Weimar via car, train or airplane. The hotel is located right in the city center - perfect to visit Weimar old-town.

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Visit Weimar - Lotte in Weimar at Hotel Elephant

Charlotte Buff & Dr. Riemer - DNT, ©Luca Abbiento

Lotte in Weimar

Experience the spirit of the Weimar Classic, when a duo of actors of the National Theater Weimar is performing the Thomas Mann novel "Lotte in Weimar" at the original place - the Hotel Elephant in Weimar. Please be aware that the play is in German language.

Weimars main attractions at a glance

Hotel Elephant, Weimar is located centrally in the historic town Weimar. From here you reach all important attractions during your visit in Weimar in no time.

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What's Nearby

  1. Anna Amalia Library
  2. Bauhaus-Museum
  3. Church of Saint Peter and Paul
  4. Goethe-Nationalmuseum
  5. Goethe-Schiller Monument
  6. Liszt-Haus
  7. Neues Museum Weimar
  8. Schiller's House

How To Get Here

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Attractions and Culture

What you need to see:

  • The historic city centre
  • The monuments dedicated to famous local personalities
  • The impressive architecture
  • The Goethe-Schiller monument
  • The duchess Anna Amalia Bibliothek

A perfect day could look like this:

  • A city tour through the historic old-town
  • A biking-tour through the landscapes around the Ilm
  • A visit to Goethe´s garden house
  • A visit to the Neue Museum Weimar
  • A fancy gourmet dinner while seeing "Lotte in Weimar"

Cultural Highlights

  • The art collection of the Hotel Elephant, Weimar
  • Deutsches Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar
  • Bauhaus museum
  • Goethe Nationalmuseum
  • Das Neue Museum Weimar

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